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Since 1983, professional videographer and editor Paul Gittelsohn has produced hundreds of instructional, promotional, and educational videos on a wide variety of topics for a diverse clientele.

Paul Gittelsohn videographer

“It's a pleasure to work with someone who has such a good imagination”

                           Jean Raymond Day

"Videosyncracies is especially good

at organizing and shaping your ideas
so you get the video you want,

only better."      Karen Reinhardt

         National Gardening Association

 "I want to make sure to tell you how so very very much I enjoyed working with you on this huge project (SHAZAM! Stories from a Life of Spirit in Action).  You were the perfect editor - tuning in to my 'style' and honoring my wishes, while also bringing your full creative and technical expertise to bear.  Together, we made a great great product; one I'm very proud of and hope you are too.  You were personally a joy to be with, and I feel tremendous gratitude to you for all that you did to make both the product and the process so rich and enriching."           Blessings galore, Louise Diamond 

"Hi Paul,   A huge THANK YOU for the phenomenal work you have done on this training video. You have taken a “barely okay” product and in just a few days turned it into something we are very proud to have KidSafe’s name on.  With great appreciation,"    Sally Borden, KidSafe Collaborative


"I appreciate not only the talent and skills but the collaborative creativity that went into the final product (a 15-minute documentary of my deceased brother, a world renowned photographer). I look forward to my next project with VIDEOSyncracies."       Bob Hoffman

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