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dvds with color label and case choice
vhs and dvd duplication


includes disc, dupe, label and case*

            1 DVD or CD copy @ $12.50

2  to  9 DVD or CD copies @  $7.50

10 to 49 DVD or CD copies @  $6.00

50 to 99 DVD or CD copies @  $4.50

100+ DVD or CD copies @  $3.00


* includes:

  • blank white hub-printable DVD-R or CD-R disc 

  • duplication (burning or copying data onto disc)

  • full color--full coverage on-disc inkjet printed label

  • case choice (polypak, jewel case, Amaray, etc.)


dvds with color labels
dvd with color label and paper sleeve
disc replication.jpg


Factory Pressed (stomped from glass master) DVDs and CDs

packaged in custom printed sleeves, wallets, Digi-Paks, retail-ready jewel cases & DVD Amaray cases

Quantities from 500 to Thousands. 

Amazing Low Prices!

Call for custom pricing and packaging options!

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