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  1. DIG-IT-ALL. Digitize your videos, films, photos, slides, and audio in our South Burlington, Vermont office.

  2. WEB-IT-ALL. Websites are created in Burlington, Vermont

  3. LEARN-IT-ALL. We teach you to maintain and update your website.

"They made a great video for me and a new website

that is better than I had even dreamed of." 

                                                 Chris Hadsel, Director

                                                 Curtains Without Borders

Glaeser Signs

Glaeser Signs

Glaeser Signs is an example of a collaboration leading to DIY that not only makes economic sense but also keeps the website dynamic. This artistic client learned to use Wix to showcase the best of their best eye catching signs seen in front of many businesses all around Burlington and throughout New England.

"Thank you Ellen for helping us revamp our Glaeser Signs website. I really enjoyed working with you. You did a great job, and we've been seeing the results in terms of calls and inquiries, on a daily basis. It's quite remarkable, and we are very pleased." - Kashka Orlow, Glaeser Signs

Ehrlich Animations

After working with independent animator David Ehrlich for many years, VIDEOSyncracies has collaborated with David on a website that beautifully showcases five volumes of animation through free video streaming.

Animation by David Ehrlich
Hoff Harmonica

Hoff Harmonica

The worlds largest collection of artisan handmade harmonica cases is now displayed in online galleries. In addition to the gallery collections, this website has links to media coverage about the harmonica cases as well as video highlights about Hoff's life. Websites are a great way to organize your passions and memories.

Nomadicare Mongolia

Nomadicare Mongolia has produced a number documentaries that support and preserve traditional Mongolian culture. The award winning documentaries and content is available on a well organized website.

Nomadicare Mongolia

Shadow Optics Art

You can now see many indescribably stunning wire mesh sculptures created by the artist Peter Robinson Smith on his website! After exploring the photo and video galleries, you can then contact Peter to request a commissioned piece.

"I continue to be impressed by the site as are many others who visit and remark on it. Great work!"--Peter Robinson Smith, Shadow Optics Art, August 2018

Green Valley Media

Green Valley Media has produced a number of documentaries in different categories and needed a website to make those videos easily available. After transferring all media to digital, VIDEOSyncracies created a well organized website with video on demand.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.34.59 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.33.27 PM.png

Curtains Without Borders

Curtains Without Borders is an example of Videosyncracies teaching the customer to use the Wix website platform. This method is economical, creative and you can add your own updates! An interactive map was installed on this website for customers to view Curtains Without Borders restored painted scenery around the country.

"They made a great video out of still shots for me and a new web site that is better than I had even dreamed of." -- Chris Hadsel, Director, Curtains Without Borders

Paul Webb Songs

Create a music website! Share and download your music for a fee or for free. Post your biography, video, photos and events. We can collaborate on the design as for

Paul Webb Music screen shot_edited_edited.png


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