dvds with color label and case choice

FAST, Friendly, Affordable


includes disc, dupe, label and case*

 1 DVD or CD copy    @ $7.99                            

2  to  9 DVD or CD copies @ $4.99                            

10 to 49 DVD or CD copies @ $3.99                            

50 to 99 DVD or CD copies @ $2.99                            

100 to 499 DVD or CD copies @ $1.99                            

500+ DVD or CD copies @ $1.39                            


500+ DVD or CD copies

in paper sleeve

(disc, dupe, label & sleeve)

 only 99¢ each!


* includes:

  • blank Taiyo Yuden DVD-R or CD-R disc 

  • duplication (burning or copying data onto disc)

  • full color--full coverage on-disc inkjet printed label

  • case choice (polypak, jewel case, Amaray, etc.)


Most Duplication Orders

Completed in One or Two Days







dvd with color label and paper sleeve
dvds with color labels
DVD & CD replication


Factory Pressed (stomped from glass master) DVDs and CDs

packaged in custom printed sleeves, wallets, Digi-Paks, retail-ready jewel cases & DVD Amaray cases

Quantities from 500 to Thousands. 

Amazing Low Prices!

Call for custom pricing and packaging options!

vhs and dvd duplication