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"Settled at mediation for a very good result. The video was extremely well received and contributed greatly to the settlement."

Ben Gideon, Berman & Simmons (In reference to a settlement video, June 2020)

From the settlement client:

"You created visual and audio magic on behalf of my husband. It was a beautiful tribute to the man I love. You captured his love for his family and the love we have for him. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Words are inadequate for expressing my deep gratitude. You are a perfectionist and a master in what you do"

"Hi Paul, I just wanted to let you know that we settled Cody Greene’s case, in no small part due to the excellent work you did on the video.  Thanks for your great work!  Look forward to working with you again soon."

Emily Joselson, Langrock, Sperry & Wool

"Very powerful and very well done. Again, incredible work on the video!"

Ben Gideon, Berman & Simmons

(In reference to the Michael Hemond settlement video. In 2014 Attorney Ben Gideon won the second largest verdict in Vermont history following a three-week trial, the jury returned a verdict of $22,497,000.)


"Amazing work! Great stuff. Wonderful! It's terrific! I don't want to change a thing. Well done! Ben's reply, he's obviously pleased, he doesn't say something is very good unless he really thinks it is."

Dov Sacks, Berman & Simmons


"Paul, thanks for all your hard work on this. I think it turned out great. Yes, amazing work, Paul. Great collaboration, gentleman. Had we made it a few weeks earlier, Paul could've been giving an (Emmy Awards) acceptance speech last night."

Ben Gideon, Berman & Simmons


"Paul, great news. We just settled the case for a very substantial sum, and the client's are very pleased. We could not have reached this outcome without your video. Thank you! We also showed it to the lawyer who referred the case to us. He's really well known in Maine with a big TV presence, and he absolutely loved it."

Dov Sacks, Berman & Simmons


"I had to do a seminar for a group of about 25 attorneys. I presented portions of Barbara Ryan's settlement video to give them an example of using the "rules" in an actual case ...Folks LOVED it -- clearly had not seen anything close to it, thought it was brilliant and several said they would want to do this in all their cases now. Naturally, I told them about you, the wizard behind the camera, editor extraordinaire and the creative genius."

Tina Shoup, Shoup Evers Green


"Paul, we played the Nate Demond mediation video to an audience of about 5 or 6 lawyers and insurance adjusters this morning, as well as Becky and her sister. It had a great effect, helping to set the tone for the day of negotiation which culminated in an excellent settlement of the case. It also really touched Becky and her sister who were crying throughout. You did an amazing job."

Dov Sacks, Berman & Simmons


"Paul, the case settled this week. The mediator said it was the best video presentation he has ever seen. Thanks for all of your help!"

John Kellner, O'Neil Kellner and Green


"You did an awesome job and your attention to detail was an asset."

Tina Shoup, O'Neill Kellner and Green

"Your settlement video is the first time that the “Rules” and “Choices” model works for me. Not simply invoked, but WORKS. There is so much here that is so right."

Joshua Karton

  • Joshua (Beth Danon, 1998)

  • Clint Morway (Tina Shoup, 2011)

  • Shaun McGuire, A Day in the Life (John Evers, 2009)

  • Barbara Ryan (Tina Shoup, 2013)

  • Michael Hemond (Benjamin Gideon, 2010)

  • Bryan Doyle (Benjamin Gideon, 2012)

  • Ethan Olsen (John Kellner, 2013)

  • George Shedrick (Tina Shoup, 2014)

  • Nate DeMond (Benjamin Gideon, 2014)

  • Nate Bigelow (Benjamin Gideon, 2015)

  • "Olivianna" (John Evers, Tina Shoup, 2016)

  • Matthew Mitchell (Benjamin Gideon, 2016)

  • And many more to add to this list

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