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Tiny Tim's Songs & Stories of the Crooners


The last recorded interview of Tiny Tim including 23 songs & snippets, filmed just hours before his non-fatal heart attack at the Uke Expo '96 evening concert on September 28, 1996.  35 minute video Updated and Uprezzed

in 2019 now includes bonus feature 2-1/2 minute scene at the evening concert.

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Tiny Tim video

April 2019


Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for allowing us to be the first to show your updated and uprezzed Tiny Tim's Songs and Stories of the Crooners video on Saturday at Tinystock, the Fifth Annual Tiny Tim Birthday Event in South Carolina. About twenty people showed up, and everyone who saw the video really enjoyed it. One person came up afterward and said, "That was a really good interview."

The first change we noticed in watching the video was the addition of the original footage from the evening concert at the Uke Expo in 1996. It's sad to realize what was happening as Tiny Tim was on stage, but the inclusion of that footage is definitely an important addition of historic worth that adds impact. We’re impressed with the extra images and clips that you added throughout the interview. Everything looks great.

We will be ordering a copy of the updated DVD, and be happy to have it. We are grateful for your kindness in letting us show Tiny Tim’s Songs and Stories of the Crooners.

Thanks again,

Greg and Susan F.

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Tiny Tim video article
Tiny Tim video article
Tiny Tim video article
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