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10,000 disc archiving project

Since we started authoring DVDs and CDs and transferring videotapes to DVD in 1998 we have now completely filled 25 large drawers with more than 10,000 discs and counting. We have no room to expand, so to preserve the digital information we are embarking on a massive archiving project. Step one was the recent purchase of a Vinpower Rip Box which can "rip" a copy of the DVD and CD disc images (.iso files) onto a hard drive for archiving and to be able to make future copies. Step two is the purchase of a 40 terabyte RAID hard-drive storage. Step three will be to rip our customer's 10,000 DVD and CD masters and store the digital data on what I estimate will take up 24 terabytes of the 40TB RAID. Future DVD and CD copies can be duplicated directly from the 40TB RAID with our VINPOWER Shark Copier networked 11-target duplicator.

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