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How to Store and Share Digitized Video, Film, Photos, Audio and More

"My mom loves seeing the old videos and can access them easily from a variety of devices." Google Review

Bring all your video, photos, film, slides, audio and more to VIDEOSyncracies in Burlington, VT where we will preserve your memories for you to view, share and store on all your devices. Here's how:

Online Sharing from All Your Devices

Online Link: Share your videos using a private YouTube link. VIDEOSyncracies can create a private YouTube Channel for all your digitized video.

Website: Share all your digitized video, film, photos, slides, audio etc. on a VIDEOSyncracies website starting at just $60.00.

Store on a Hard Drive or DVD

Hard Drive Storage: Use an external hard drive to store all your digitized files and USB flash drives for temporary storage.

DVD: We can also create labeled DVDs and archival DVDs.

We're happy to answer your questions and discuss options for viewing, sharing and preserving your memories. Contact VIDEOSyncracies.

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