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New Uses for Old DVDs

We would like to remind you that since we began producing and transferring tapes to disc in 1998 almost all our customers DVD and CD masters have been stored on-site at VIDEOSyncracies, so we can duplicate additional copies when requested and as a safety in case your copies are lost or damaged. With recently acquired new technology, we are excited to offer a variety of ways you can play, protect, copy and share your discs’ digital video and audio content including:

  • DISC IMAGES (.iso files) “ripped” or copied from your discs to your hard drive and/or cloud storage

  • VIDEO & AUDIO files copied from your discs that can be played, shared and watched anywhere you choose

  • UP-REZZING of your DVDs standard definition video to enhanced high definition video

  • FUTURE-PROOFING all your digital data (videotape, audiotape & film transfers, print photo and slide scans, and even your original digital video and digital photos) burned onto 1,000 year M-Discs

PROBLEM: Our 10,000+ DVD and CD collection has completely filled 27 drawers, more than 100 cubic feet. WE HAVE NO MORE SPACE TO EXPAND!

SOLUTION: GOING ALL DIGITAL! To free up space we are copying (or “RIPPING”) the digital DISC IMAGES* from all 10,000+ discs onto our new massive, yet tiny (less than half a cubic foot), 40 Terabyte RAID protected hard drive storage.

new dvd cd video audio storage solution

OPPORTUNITY: What this means to you.

By storing the digital disc images on the 40TB hard drive you will still be able to order more DVD or CD copies including our awesome label printing and packaging. In addition, you can take advantage of the following:

DISC IMAGES: If you would like to burn your own copies of your DVDs with the menus and buttons we can provide a digital copy of your disc image .iso files on a thumb drive, hard drive or upload. (starting at $10)

VIDEO FILES and AUDIO FILES: We can extract the video and audio files from the disc image and provide you with copies on a portable hard drive, thumb drive or upload – so you can simply click and play watch the video and listen to the audio, upload to youtube or vimeo, as well as making it easy and convenient to copy and share. (starting at $10)

UP-REZZING: All video on DVDs (even $100 million Hollywood movies) is standard definition, 720 dots wide by 480 dots high. We can up-rez the SD video on your DVDs to better looking, enhanced quality, full high definition 1920x1080 video files. (priced per project, call 861-6161)

YOUR DIGITAL LIFE PRESERVED FOR 1,000 YEARS: DVDs and CDs won’t be around forever, already discs have been known to fail in as little as a few years. Hard drives and thumb drives also can fail and data lost. And storing videos and photos on the cloud is a big unknown, out of sight and out of your control. We have discovered what we believe to be the best way to store videos, audio, photos, films, documents, etc. for posterity and future generations … M-Discs. Burning digital data onto this new technology is like writing on stone, the inventors testing has proven digital files on M-Discs will be preserved for 1,000 years.

YOUR DIGITAL LIFE: We are now able to offer the service of preserving and compiling all your digital data onto 5 gigabyte, 25GB, 50GB or 100GB M-Discs so you will have in your possession and control a reliable and future-proof record of your digital life. Read more about M-Discs here. (call 861-6161 for pricing)


We would also like to introduce you to SCAN MAN, now offering low cost, high quality, fast and friendly print photo and 35mm slide SCANNING. Turn your photos and slides into digital files that can be viewed on any device, edited, organized, copied, shared and preserved.

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