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Preserve and Share Your Memories Digitally This Holiday Season

convert video, photos, slides, film. audio to digital

We DIG-IT-ALL From Videotape, Film, Photos, Audio to DIGITAL.

Enjoy, view and share on your computer, tablet, phone and online.

A Sampling of VIDEOSyncracies Satisfied Customers

Susan K. -- 9 videotapes digitized to a USB thumb drive

Larry H -- 26 Betamax tapes digitized to a dropbox upload

Debbie P. -- 1600 feet of Super 8 Film transferred to digital, shared online

Lori T. -- 9000 35mm slides digitized

Matt G. -- 3,600 feet of 8mm movie film digitized and preserved on a 1,000 year M-Disc

Angela R. -- 155 print photos scanned and edited into a video slide show with music

Karen W. -- 2900 photos, 3000 slides, 74 videotapes digitized and preserved on 4 portable hard drives

"I highly recommend VIDEOSyncracies. No job too small or too sophisticated. They know what they're doing - are super helpful AND the price is more than reasonable. I was really pleased with the conversion work they did for me. Going forward, they are my #1 digital resource." --Facebook Review

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