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VIDEOSyncracies Holiday Gift to You

video transfer to digital, photo scanning, slide scanning

10% OFF THE GIFT OF MEMORIES. At VIDEOSyncracies Burlington world headquarters, we transfer, digitize and scan your family videotapes, audio tapes, film, photos, slides - we DIG-it-ALL , so you can share your memories for the holidays. Details at

Once we have converted your original media, our VIDEOSyncracies experts advise you on the best ways to edit, copy, archive, share, view and enjoy!

We can put your DIGITAL FILES on DVDs, CDs, Archival Discs, Hard Drives, and Thumb Drives; plus we can Upload, Store in "The Cloud" and Post on Youtube, Facebook etc.

Fast, Friendly & Affordable Since 1987

Give the Super Duper, Betty Dupe or Scan Man a call at (802) 861-6161

Mention this ad and receive our gift of a 10% discount.

and check us out at

180 Flynn Avenue

Burlington, VT 05401

Monday - Friday 9 to 5:30



We appreciate your business and love to hear your feedback.

Please REVIEW US on ...

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