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Digitize - Share - Create

We're excited to tell you about Shutterfly Family Share Sites. A customer came in recently with thousands of print photos and a video for us to digitize and put in 44 separate categories by year and theme. She wanted to share with family members, have them contribute their photos from any location and be able to create photo albums and other products. Ellen created a Shutterfly Share Site for this customer and Voila!

  • all photos and videos are in categorized alphabetized online albums that can be edited and stored for free on a private website

  • only the customer owns the photos

  • only invited members of the share site can view the photos

  • members can be invited to contribute their own photos, videos and text and order photo products such as printed albums, cards, mugs, etc. etc.

  • the customer is very happy with her Share Site

Not only can VIDEOSyncracies digitize your video, film, photos, 35mm slides, and audio in our Burlington, VT office but we now organize all your digitized media on a Shutterfly Share Site. Ellen can show you how to do it yourself for free or set it up for you for a very affordable price.

  • tap here to check it out

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