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(Re: Sawchain Sharpening DVD)

"Your work and dedication in creating this DVD is present throughout. Your DVD will be an incredible added value to our chainsaw bundle. The quality of the material is fantastic. You and John have done an outstanding job with this DVD."

Wes Johnson, Johnson Investment Group, Exclusive Amazon E-Seller


"I am a chainsaw instructor for the USFS and I have been looking for a tool to help me teach students about sharpening sawchains. I believe sharpening is sometimes the most difficult thing both to teach and to learn. Your video does a really good job of illustrating and simplifying what is important without getting bogged down in too many details and opinions. I like that you encourage the use of guides and you illustrate how to use them properly. I like the illustrations of improper filing techniques and the results you can expect if you use those techniques. The video footage of the cutter parts and how they create and remove woodchips is perfect. I like the way it is explained as well. The DVD seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I think it will aid in my teaching efforts." 2013

John S Hairfield Jr, USDA Forest Service, Blacksburg Virginia








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