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From Thousands of Slides to Tiny Thumbdrive

35 mm slides transferred to digital in Burlington, VT

Slide scanning

When customer Lori T. showed up at VIDEOSyncracies with a carload of her families' 35mm slides, we told her, "let's see if we can lighten your load."

SCAN MAN got right to work: organizing, dusting each slide, filling carousel trays, snap digitizing with our 24MP Nikon DSLR, cropping, rotating and saving Lori's 9,000 high resolution digital jpeg files onto a tiny USB thumbdrive. Copying and sharing online with her friends and family can be done with a click.

Now, Lori T. enjoys viewing her digitized family slides on big screen TVs, computers, tablets and phones.

Preserve and share your memories (and lighten your load). Call Scan Man at 802-861-6161

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